Here's some of the stuff...

... I'm involved with. I'm particularly interested in communicating the weirdness of quantum mechanics and how much fun science actually is, so if you or your organisation would like a talk, then please feel free to contact me! (For example, see Einstein at the pub).

Science Communication

Professional Societies

  • Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science
  • Fellow of Optica (formerly the OSA)
    • Vice-Chair of the Quantum Optics Group, 2006–07
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS)
  • Member of the Australian Optical Society (AOS)
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP)
    Queensland Branch
    • UQ representative, 2005–2006
    • Webmaster, 2000–2001
    • Secretary, 2000
    ACT Branch
    • Postgraduate representative, 1991–1994
  • Member of the Institute of Physics (IOP)
  • Founding member of the Australasian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation

Journal Editorial Boards

  • Journal of Modern Optics, Taylor & Francis, London, UK (ISSN 0950-0340), 2010–present
  • Journal of Quantum Technology, Springer, Berlin (ISSN 2196-0763). 2013–present
  • Light | Science & Applications, Nature Publishing Group, UK (ISSN 2047-7538)
    Founded 2012, impact factor of 14.6: #2 in Optics & Photonics journals; #1 China-based journals. 2012–15
  • Optica, an Optical Society of America journal (ISSN 2334-2536)
    Online-only, gold open-access, for rapid dissemination of high-impact results in Optics & Photonics. 2014–16
  • Quantum, a non-profit and open access peer-reviewed journal (ISSN 2521-327X)
    It is an effort by researchers and for researchers to make science more open and publishing more transparent and efficient. 2016–18