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...include quantum foundations, quantum information, quantum technology and engineering, quantum optics and photonics, neuromorphic computing, nonlinear optics, and biophysics. For details of our current research projects, please visit the qt lab.

Cloud of words in various colors, sizes, and orientations, based on Andrew's Google Scholar profile. Some of the largest words include: quantum, measurement, experimental, optical, entanglement, single-photon, gates, states, phase, photon, photonic, linear, source, apparatus, computing, demonstration, efficient, entangled, information, measuring, method, optics, sources, analysis, approach, bell, controlled-, correlations, entangling, approach.

News from the qt lab

  • 12/07/2024: Our paper on Highly efficient storage of cavity SPDC single photons in room temperature gradient echo memory, appeared today in APL Quantum. This is from a longstanding collaboration with the amazing quantum optics team at the Australian National University. Congratulations to one and all, but particularly for Anthony and Sara for their very long hours—months, years...—of hard thought and work. If you haven't read it yet, go check it out now!
  • 11/07/2024: Many congratulations to Emerald Gaydon, who tonight received both her B.Sc. and her B.Sc. (Hons), as well as being the 2024 winter Valedictorian and giving a quite wonderful, thoughtful, and gracious speech at the Graduation Ceremony. Cheers from the whole team Emerald, and we look forward to seeing what you will do next!
  • 13/06/2024: To support the implementation of the Queensland Quantum and Advanced Technologies Strategy, in this week's state budget the Queensland government announced $89.7M funding over 5 years, from 2023–24 to 2027–28. This afternoon the government announced four Quantum and Advanced Technology Programs that open today: the $20M Commercialisation Infrastructure Program (QCIP), closing 29 July; the $15M Co-Investment Program (QATCIP), continuously assessed; the $10M Quantum Decarbonisation Mission, closing 22 July; the $5M Quantum 2032 Challenge, closing 22 July; and the $3.81M Quantum and Advanced Technologies Talent Building Program, closing 11 July. Exciting times: now everyone, hop to it!
  • 07/06/2024: Following on from 2005's World Year of Physics (aka the Einstein Year), and 2015's International Year of Light, today the United Nations proclaimed 2025 as the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology.
    This year-long, worldwide initiative will celebrate the contributions of quantum science to technological progress over the past century, raise global awareness of its importance to sustainable development in the 21st century, and ensure that all nations have access to quantum education and opportunities.
  • 23/05/2024: Our paper on Precisely determining photon-number in real-time, appeared today in Quantum. Congratulations to the team for outstanding results: resolving photon-number up to n=16 and achieving up to parts-per-billion discrimination for low photon numbers on the fly. Amazing! We dedicate this paper to our friend and co-author, the late Sae Woo Nam.
  • 02/05/2024: Long-time friend of the lab—and colleague, and co-author!—Tom Stace, has a thoughtful take on Tuesday's exciting news: My 2 cents on Australia's 100 giga-cent investment in PsiQuantum.
  • 30/04/2024: Exciting news! Today the Australian and Queensland governments announced a $940 million investment into PsiQuantum, a company co-founded by our very own QT Lab alum Professor Jeremy O'Brien and UQ alum Professor Terry Rudolph. We look forward to the establishment of a utility-scale quantum computer in Brisbane, and many years of scientific collaboration between PsiQuantum and researchers all over Australia!
  • Left to right: Hon Cameron Dick, Queensland Deputy Premier, Treasurer, and Minister for Trade and Investment; Caroline Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to Australia; Hon Steven Miles, Premier of Queensland; Hon Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia; Hon Ed Husic, Federal Minister for Industry and Science; Prof. Terry Rudolph, Co-founder and Chief Architect, PsiQuantum; and Prof. Jeremy O'Brien, Co-founder and CEO, PsiQuantum.

  • 02/04/2024: A very big welcome to Daniel Long, who starts his PhD today, fresh from London. Looking forward to working with you Dan—can't wait to find out what we will discover together!
  • 25/03/2024: Abhishek Roy join us today from Macquarie University, starting a six-month research visit. Welcome aboard Abhishek, and here's to many fun days in the lab!
  • 18/12/2023: Many congratulations to Dr Sarah Lau and Dr Leo Assis, who were awarded their PhDs today at the December Graduation Ceremony! It was a privilege to work with you both, and we look forward to seeing what you do next!
  • 4/10/2023: At today's State of the State address, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk launched Queensland's Quantum and Advanced Technologies Strategy. This 76M investment is the largest by any Australian government to date, and will harness Queensland’s expertise in quantum and advanced technologies for accelerated economic growth and transformative solutions to some of our most pressing challenges. Read the strategy now!
  • Left to right: Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland; Andrew; and Prof. Deb Terry, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Queensland.

  • 04/09/2024: Long-time friend of the lab, collaborator, and co-author Dr Agata Branczyk has launched a new podcast—Physicists in the Wild—that interviews physicists who have turned their PhD training into diverse and often unconventional careers. Her very first guest is the QT Lab's former PhD student Rohan Dalton! It's wonderful to hear them both: check out the interview and find out how bumping into a mate in the Valley led to New York and beyond.
  • 14/06/2023: Join the Second Quantum Revolution, bringing together Queensland's leaders in quantum technology and industry to shape the future of our sector, at The Precinct, Brisbane.
  • 03/05/2023: Andrew was in Canberra today at Nomad Atomics for the launch of the National Quantum Strategy. This identifies the key areas that government needs to focus on to support the growth of a strong quantum industry and capability, and will scale up through the next 7 years to 2030. Let the hard work begin!
  • Left to right: Ms Clare Birch, Blackbird; A.-Prof. Simon Dewitt, University of Technology Sydney; Dr Cathy Foley, Chief Scientist of Australia; Hon Ed Husic, Federal Minister for Industry and Science; Andrew; Prof. Michelle Simmons, University of New South Wales; Prof. Andre Luiten, University of Adelaide; and Prof. Peter Turner, CEO Sydney Quantum Academy

  • 13/03/2023: It is a great pleasure to welcome back—courtesy of stints in Scotland and Australia—Markus Rambach who joins the QT Lab today as a Senior Postdoc working on neuromorphic and quantum technologies. The next few years are going to be a blast!
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